Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skywatch Friday

Sunset is always a magical time...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jungle Book Masks

This VBS group is attending The Jungle Book play, based on the book by Rudyard Kipling. I had them make masks of the animals to get them thinking about the characters.

 Shere Khan  The Tiger

 "Kaa", The Python

 Bagheera, the melanistic leopard or Black Panther

"Akela", "Raksha" and "Father" Wolf

Monday, July 21, 2014

Flour Paste Batik-2

This is another attempt at creating a batik using flour paste

This one is digitally changed for Mandarin Orange Monday

  A white flour paste is painted/dabbed on stretched cotton fabric on any areas to stay white and then left to dry. Next, yellow fabric paint is added for the petals

More paste is applied on areas to stay white (see dots and swirls) and over yellow petals. I began to add some orange-red in areas...

 and some blue, bluegreen. You can add color/paint at anytime but not near paste until it is dry. 

 I've dabbed flour paste as a resist on areas that I want to keep their color

 I began adding a darker orange red...

I painted a red border around shapes and on the petals. 
Then I added a royal blue at the bottom,

and a lighter blue toward's the top

 I dabbed flour paste as a resist on all areas to stay the same color, let it dry all day and then crunched it up to create cracks. 

 I applied a dark blue over the whole piece (half-way done here) so it would seep into any areas without paste and into the cracks

 After drying over night, I removed the paste which also removed any blue that was painted over the flour paste.
You can see how it seeped into the places that were not covered or that had cracked. 
This helps give it that traditional batik look. 

It is an interesting process. I did have a hard time getting the paste off with all the fabric paint over it. I think my paste layer was thin. I tried scrubbing with a brush, but scratching it off with my fingers worked best. 
As I mentioned in a previous post, this blog has a clear demo and recipe for the process.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flour Paste Batik

I love the look of batik and in the late 70's/early 80's I had fun creating batik paintings using the traditional batik process of waxing the material and dyeing the cloth.

This summer, I scheduled several batik classes for adults at the community center. After thinking about it, I decided the space was not conducive to traditional batik. The room is rented for a variety of meetings and classes so we have to be careful with anything that could stain. There is only a very small sink and I toyed with the idea of going outside to dye the fabric, but it has been pretty hot-especially for older patrons. Heating and removing the wax would be a tricky undertaking there as well. 
I still wanted to try it, so after some searching online, I found a demo for Flour Paste Batik It seemed pretty easy-flour paste is the resist instead of hot wax and fabric paint instead of dye.  Check out The Matchbook blog for Bridget's clear demo of the process.  

These are my first attempts with the flour paste-
A flour paste was mixed and put into a squirt bottle to 'draw' with. It is left to dry overnight. 

I let my students take turns applying the fabric paint

 The paint has dried

 The flour has been peeled off

 Additional flour paste added 

 More gold painted on

A blue-green is mixed with a touch of water (these were donated fabric paints and some were a little dry)

  A greenish color applied over whole piece

Dreid and crunched up for crackling effect

 A darker color mixed with a little water

I added powdered pigment to fabric paint for some sparkle

 This was spread over whole piece

Fabric paint has dried overnight and flour removed by breaking apart, picking off and washed. 


 I applied another coat of flour paste, intending to add a last darker color when it was dry. I set it to dry outside in the sun, and later found that a squirrel or my dog,  ate 1/2 of the paste off the fabric!

 I ended up just taking it all off.

Washed and completed

I'll post the batiks from the class when they are completed!